Csigó Art Fest

2024. June28



Csigó Malom - Stílus Galéria, Antikvitás

Ferenc Liszt and Prima Primissima awardee Tamás Érdi pianist.

Projection of video film and photos, details with Tamas Érdi and his masters - Zoltán Kocsis and Tamás Vásáry -

made from recordings of joint four-hand concerts. A selection of photos by Réka Érdi-Harmos under the title "Tamás".

Podium discussion with Márta Érdi, president of the Cimbora Foundation,

Tamás's mother, the author of the book about Tamás’s life.

Musical host and moderator of the podium discussion is music historian János Mácsai.

Salon program: wine tasting from the Von Beőthy Cellar, informal conversation, dedication.

Entrance ticket: HUF 4,500