2014.04.16., 02:02

TAMÁS  ÉRDI  the young Hungarian pianist gave two concerts in April, proving his exceptional talents to Oxford and London audiences.

2014.04.07., 02:38

Tamás Érdi gives two fascinating concerts in England.

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Érdi Tamás és a közönség koncert után - Kolozsvár (2014)
Fotó: Érdi-Harmos Réka


"“Tamás touches piano keys with much more sensitivity than those who can see. I believe that in his play, in certain dynamic domains, there is such sensitivity which is naturally not possible to reach for us. I dare say that this ability could be measured by Chopin's standards. It is no coincidence that Chopin is so close to him… And it is not that there was no dramatic sentiment in his music, but by all means he opens up a new world, a new dimension that no one has opened before. And Tamás can point out these peculiarities with incredible sensitivity.” Zoltán Kocsis, Parlando, January 2010 "